Lullaby Convertible Cot


Our beautiful Lullaby cot is a classic design that has timeless curves.


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Features: Mattress platform offers three height options to accommodate your growing baby. Once your baby has outgrown the cot it can easily be converted into a cosy toddler bed or day bed, by removing the side rails. Safety Tips: Use only a fitted bottom sheet that is specifically made for cot use along with a mattress pad and/or a waterproof pad. If you use a blanket, ensure it is tucked around the sides of the cot mattress and covers your baby only up to the chest. Do not place decorative cushions, bedspreads, or stuffed animals in the cot while your baby is sleeping as they may prevent proper air circulation around your baby’s face. Do not place cots next to a window, near chords or under heavy objects that could fall into the cot.

Additional information
Dimensions 150 × 82 × 112 cm

White, Stone, Ivory, Grey


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