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Hammond kids is based in Cape Town, it offers a large selection of beautifully crafted children’s furniture and an extensive range of 100% cotton, bed and cot linen.

Our complete range of small and large children’s furniture, including our beautiful duvet designs, embroideries and the ‘make up’ of all our kid’s linen are locally manufactured in Cape Town. Proudly South African.

Hammond kids is now an online store. It has been going for the last 12 years. I, Leesa bought it when I was 5 months pregnant with my first son, Josh.  It felt like I had twins! My first baby and my first business.

We have worked very hard to make Hammond kids as exclusive as possible, as local as possible and as practicle as possible.  Having a baby to test all our products on was perfect! I can honestly say I love our nursery furniture! From the basinett to the cot and chest of drawers, all of them are perfectly beautiful and functional! Our Feeding chair is one of my favourite furniture items.

18 months after my Josh was born came my Daniel! Baby # 2. What a crazy year!

Now we could test nursery furniture again and… Single beds, linen and especially storage & shelving units!  The items that were not practicle went and items that were a ‘must have’ were introduced. The peg rail and Toy box amongst many others were designed. Everything that we could store off the floor became very important to me.

Hammond kids did so well, my collegue Chrizelda had her 2nd son Ryan… so many boy babies to test our boy ranges on. All we needed now was a little girl :)…

Along came my 3rd …  BOY! Matthew, what a gift! We have had cars, nautical, plane and striped ranges and whatever boy linen you can find at Hammond kids. Then arrived our awesome L-Shaped Double bunk. One of our favourites and best sellers!

This just inspired us to dream of girl items. Our beautiful canope bed arrived and our Love duvet and glitted lettering was created.

Chrizelda, has been married for 11 years.  She is a loving mom of 2 boys and the most loyal and wonderful friend to me.

When you call Hammond kids you will most probably speak to her and she will take great care of you.

Chrizelda, is hands on in every department of Hammond kids. She is efficient and knows our customers so well.  She has been with me from the beginning and has been a tremendous support and strength.

Marion, has been married for 40 years this year! She has 9 grandkids and is a wonderful, wonderful mother!

Marion has a passion for linen and design.  Her creativity, designs and knowledge of embroidery has been extremely valuable to Hammond kids.

Having the experience of raising her own 4 children she has been able to advise some of our customers on decorating their rooms, from a personal and professional point of view.

I have enjoyed working closely with my mom! She is a gem.

I am blessed to have this business and to continually meet new customers.

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